Hi, my name is Olamide Olayinka, which hints at where the name of my business OlaOla comes from. From a young age I knew I wanted to work in the Design Industry, and was hugely inspired by my Mother, who was a tailor. I was pretty much immersed, at a young age, around the most fabulous materials and embellishments. Which is probably why I ended up being a Textile Designer.

I eventually went on to study Textile Design at Central Saint Martin after realising how much more I prefer to draw and create patterns. Patterns which could eventually be used for anything, rather than following my original pursuit of being a fashion designer. After studying I went to Paris and worked in a Textiles Archive, where I got the perfect insight into the Textiles that have been and the ones yet to come.

On my site you will find projects and original patterns by myself. I am influenced mainly by organic patterns in nature and and the everyday man made patterns in our environments that we often overlook. I am also a fan of colour and how colours can interact.

I am happy to start sharing my patterns with you in my recent product launch of bags and accessories, which mix ‘The Pretty’ with ‘The Practical’.

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