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Nathalie Du Pasquier: Other Rooms

Nathalie Du Pasquier first caught my eye after noticing very bold colourful Tote bags on the shoulder of random individuals. It was then my mission to find out where they originated from. After an intense google search (it would of just been easier to ask these people where they got their tote bags from) I finally found the artist, Nathalie Du Pasquier. Founding member of the Italian design collective, Memphis. Her use of bold shapes and colours has always been appealing to me. Her career and her application of prints onto various products and forms definitely has inspired me as a textile designer.

“Other Rooms represents Du Pasquier’s desire to transform spaces with her own means, devoid of architectural rules and utilising the tools of the painter – line, colour and form – to transport the viewer to another place.”

It is definitely worth the trip to Camden Arts Centre, you are immersed in rooms of colour and shape. The reading room contains back catalogues of her work and a copy of her wonderful book “Don’t Take These Drawings Seriously”, which includes a lot of information directly from the artist herself and is definitely on my Wish List.

The exhibition is on until the 14th January and more information on the exhibition can he found here.

Hassan Hajjaj: La Caravane

You may of come across the amazingly vibrant cover of Cardi B on the NY Times, which perfectly encapsulates her energy, and wondered who shot and curated the photographs. Well it was Hassan Hajjaj and if you live in London you can go to Somerset House and see some of his work up close and personal.

New York Magazine’s November 13-26, 2017 issue cover. Photograph: Hassan Hajjaj/New York Magazine.

La Caravane is full of colourful portraits, cool typography, vibrancy, food, drink (you’ll understand once you go) and some very engaging digital artwork. The 2nd room hosts “My Rock Stars: Volume 2, a nine screen installation of distinctively dressed musicians. Each musician occupies an individual screen and takes it in turns to play their instrument, while the other performers turn to watch.”

The exhibition is on until the 7th January and its free. Find more information here.