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Nathalie Du Pasquier: Other Rooms

Nathalie Du Pasquier first caught my eye after noticing very bold colourful Tote bags on the shoulder of random individuals. It was then my mission to find out where they originated from. After an intense google search (it would of just been easier to ask these people where they got their tote bags from) I finally found the artist, Nathalie Du Pasquier. Founding member of the Italian design collective, Memphis. Her use of bold shapes and colours has always been appealing to me. Her career and her application of prints onto various products and forms definitely has inspired me as a textile designer.

“Other Rooms represents Du Pasquier’s desire to transform spaces with her own means, devoid of architectural rules and utilising the tools of the painter – line, colour and form – to transport the viewer to another place.”

It is definitely worth the trip to Camden Arts Centre, you are immersed in rooms of colour and shape. The reading room contains back catalogues of her work and a copy of her wonderful book “Don’t Take These Drawings Seriously”, which includes a lot of information directly from the artist herself and is definitely on my Wish List.

The exhibition is on until the 14th January and more information on the exhibition can he found here.

Hassan Hajjaj: La Caravane

You may of come across the amazingly vibrant cover of Cardi B on the NY Times, which perfectly encapsulates her energy, and wondered who shot and curated the photographs. Well it was Hassan Hajjaj and if you live in London you can go to Somerset House and see some of his work up close and personal.

New York Magazine’s November 13-26, 2017 issue cover. Photograph: Hassan Hajjaj/New York Magazine.

La Caravane is full of colourful portraits, cool typography, vibrancy, food, drink (you’ll understand once you go) and some very engaging digital artwork. The 2nd room hosts “My Rock Stars: Volume 2, a nine screen installation of distinctively dressed musicians. Each musician occupies an individual screen and takes it in turns to play their instrument, while the other performers turn to watch.”

The exhibition is on until the 7th January and its free. Find more information here.

Soul of a Nation: Art in the age of Black Power (featuring Solange)

What impressed me the most about the Soul of a Nation exhibition was the variety of styles of work included in the exhibition, which shows the versatility of black art and not just the pre-contrived ideas of what Black Art should be. From abstract expressionism to even textile tactile pieces, all of which manage to express the difficulties that African Americans were experiencing at that time but still so relevant today.

William T. Williams • Barkley Hendricks • Howardena Pindell

Here’s an extra perk for all the Solange Knowles fans. She was invited to create a response to the Soul of a Nation exhibition, which was definitely a treat. Solange reflects on Black womanhood and Black identity, a photograph of artist Betye Saar was her inspiration. I’ll leave you with some words from her interactive piece ‘Seventy States 2017’.

Extract from ‘Seventy States’ by Solange Knowles

3 Reasons To See The Balenciaga Exhibition

I’ve been familiar with the name Balenciage for a while and it has nothing to do with the trainers or the Ikea-esqe bag, but I am a huge fan of tailoring and I see Balenciaga as a master of haute-couture as he created a lot of ground breaking designs.

So here are 3 (ish) reasons to take a trip to see the exhibition before it ends on the 18th February 2018.

Amazing Archive

There are over 100 garments and 20 hats are on display in this exhibition. It also holds the making of the works, historic pieces alongside technical drawings, design sketches, fabric swatches and reference photographs taken by the house. (exhales)


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“It’s Called Art Mum” – Polly Nor

Polly Nor’s “It’s called Art Mum” exhibition was showing in London, for a couple of days and I was just able to make it (literally the last 20 minutes during the closing night). Polly’s popularity was clear to see through the turn-out. Polly is popular for her funny yet dark illustrations which depicts “women and their demons” in a relatable way for 21st century women. Through the mass of spectators I managed to see the art and take some pics.

What I liked most about the exhibition was the “Shedding Skins” sculptures. A collection of ‘human skins’ made out of latex which reflected on the struggle for self acceptance and expectations from the outside world. Also her black and white hand drawn illustrations, had lovely details.

Unfortunately if you didn’t see the show, it’s now too late but I will try to have a quicker turn around of event and exhibition “reviews” and if you follow me on Instagram I often post the events i’m going to.

Pattern Play With Camille Walala x Play

As an avid lover of patterns and colour, I highly recommend the Walala x Play exhibition. I was able to go to the Private View, which happened to fall on one of the rare sunny days during our British summer. Camille Walala is known for brightening up public spaces with her patterns and her latest installation doesn’t disappoint. It features an interactive maze, which encourages visitors to explore colour and pattern. Oh and there is also a ping pong table.

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