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Super Sharp – It’s a life style

Super Sharp looks into the dress culture behind the music scenes of Jungle and UK garage, in the nineties. It has insights from people who were actually there at the time and ‘reveals why high-end Italian labels were so important to the cultural and style history of both genres’. A small exhibition that is worth popping into whenever you’re next around oxford circus. It’s worth seeing all the crazy garish Moschino prints in person.



“It’s Called Art Mum” – Polly Nor

Polly Nor’s “It’s called Art Mum” exhibition was showing in London, for a couple of days and I was just able to make it (literally the last 20 minutes during the closing night). Polly’s popularity was clear to see through the turn-out. Polly is popular for her funny yet dark illustrations which depicts “women and their demons” in a relatable way for 21st century women. Through the mass of spectators I managed to see the art and take some pics.

What I liked most about the exhibition was the “Shedding Skins” sculptures. A collection of ‘human skins’ made out of latex which reflected on the struggle for self acceptance and expectations from the outside world. Also her black and white hand drawn illustrations, had lovely details.

Unfortunately if you didn’t see the show, it’s now too late but I will try to have a quicker turn around of event and exhibition “reviews” and if you follow me on Instagram I often post the events i’m going to.