Soul of a Nation: Art in the age of Black Power (featuring Solange)

What impressed me the most about the Soul of a Nation exhibition was the variety of styles of work included in the exhibition, which shows the versatility of black art and not just the pre-contrived ideas of what Black Art should be. From abstract expressionism to even textile tactile pieces, all of which manage to express the difficulties that African Americans were experiencing at that time but still so relevant today.

William T. Williams • Barkley Hendricks • Howardena Pindell

Here’s an extra perk for all the Solange Knowles fans. She was invited to create a response to the Soul of a Nation exhibition, which was definitely a treat. Solange reflects on Black womanhood and Black identity, a photograph of artist Betye Saar was her inspiration. I’ll leave you with some words from her interactive piece ‘Seventy States 2017’.

Extract from ‘Seventy States’ by Solange Knowles

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