OlaOla is a vibrant design studio based in South-East London. We specialise in blending functionality with personal expression through stationery and accessories that resonate with customers around the globe.

Founded by Ola Olayinka, our story began as a passion project after having worked in the textiles industry for a few years. Fuelled by a deep love for print and handcrafted products. Ever since, we've been curating exquisite accessories, stationery and homeware.

Our patterns are a celebration of nature, the abstract, and the rich tapestry of colour and design found in Ola's Nigerian heritage. Each creation is a unique reflection of these inspirations.

Quality is at the core of our creations. We proudly embrace FSC-certified paper stock and eco-conscious printing practices, opting for recycled materials whenever possible.

OlaOla extends its creative spirit to offer captivating textiles workshops and Ola herself serves as a Visiting Lecturer.